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I know I am supposed to be a car guy, but I keep talking about human life at every level than just stuff that will sell you more cars but have less relationship with your people who actually sell the cars. So I hope this does not stop you from reading my column.


“The more you say to yourself that you can’t do whatever it is that you are thinking the more profoundly you prove to yourself that you can’t”.


Human beings are teleological by nature. That means is that whatever we think about vividly we bring on. For instance if you think of a friend whom you have not seen for a long time all of a sudden appears somewhere unexpectedly, conversely if you keep thinking that you might get fired from your job for your own insecurities you probably will bring that about as well.

Addiction as we know it is not limited to alcohol drugs or gambling, any limitations that you put on yourselves are all products of some form of addiction that makes you gravitate towards whereby limiting you and incapacitating you from achieving the task that you believe you are limited to. The more you say to yourself that you can’t do whatever it is that you are thinking the more profoundly you prove to yourself that you can’t.


Moral of the story is that we write our own destiny with our own self inflicted limitations that we are addicted to which holds us back from all the gifts of life that otherwise we are completely capable of achieving.


We all think in words, pictures and emotion. We utter and or hear the word, we record what we said or heard, we visualize the picture and we assimilate the feeling. This in return gets recorded in our subconscious mind as a part of our belief system. Then we behave in accordance with the truth, our truth as we believe it. Addiction, alcohol, drugs, gambling or any other form of it that limits us from achieving our goals and ambitions in life are all products of what we have been recording in our subconscious mind over our life time.


The limitations that I just described at individual level are the same obstacle in organizations where people demonstrate same type of behavior as a group and hold the entire group from moving forward and incapacitate it. We then scratch our heads trying to figure out why all the efforts that we have made, the money that we have spent in training, the incentives that we put out and the processes that we tried to implement all miserably failed. Furthermore you ended up with a bunch of employees now believe that nothing ever changes and it will be like this forever.


It is time now more than ever before that you take stock in your people unselfishly and contribute to improving the quality of their lives first before you ask them to improve yours. Along the way also make sure from the bottom of your heart you really care about your lot porter’s son who is having seizures and his insurance keeps declining coverage since all he can afford is the insurance that your company provides that basically is not effective unless you are dying. As I always have said you get the same pleasure from giving a gift as you receive it. You can only control what you give; stop expecting and start giving you will feel like a million bucks. Sorry this was no shop talk. See you Next month…