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An automotive retail development company.
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Products & Services

Convergent Alliance offers auto retailers a one stop shopping choice for all of their interconnected areas.

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Case Studies

Convergent Alliance offers auto retailers a detailed comparative analysis of their competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions will help you quickly get answers to the most commonly asked questions.

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Convergent Alliance

An Automotive Retail Development Company

“Convergent Alliance is a retail development company which provides operational reviews, custom comparative analysis and business models for the automotive retail industry. It’s unique approach to analysis and solutions are based on a specific expertise which combines business management and accounting practices with operational and process evaluations. This interconnected criteria provides the best possible and objective outcome to identify shortfalls and maximize profit opportunities. Our process does not evaluate specific areas of a retail operation independently as most of the automotive consultants would do. Rather we look at the business as a whole and identify opportunities which are integral and therefore can only be optimized on that scale. Solutions offered with disregard to this connectedness are short lived and futile.”

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Case Studies

An Important Dealer In Southern California


Review Range 3 Months
Variable expenses reduced by
Total salaries group reduced by
Semi-Fixed expenses reduced by
Total expenses reduced by
Net Profit improved


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