Fiat at Santa Monica Place
An automotive retail development company.
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Fiat at Santa Monica Place


Mobile Dealerships

About This Project

Fiat Mobile Dealerships

Activation date: 8/15/2012 to 2/15/2013
◦ Mall display duration: 6 months
◦ Status: Completed
◦ Total estimated visitors to date: 6,500
◦ Total estimated visitors at closing: 14,500
◦ Total estimated leads at closing: 750
◦ Total estimated test drive participants at closing: 65
◦ Total estimated sold units at closing: 45

Activation Feedback:
◦ Santa Monica Place is a combination of in line and common area display show currently active.
◦ Demographics are extremely diverse and include all racial and economic sectors. More than 50% of the visitors are tourists and non residents of the area.
◦ In line store is located at the second busiest entrance of the mall at Colorado Street and provides 595 Sq.Ft. with 2 vehicle displays.
◦ One permanent common area display is located directly in front of the store. Two additional ones are provided during the test drive weeks at 3rd. Street entrance and Valet parking.
◦ Lead quality and quantity proved to be relatively poor due to diverse and non‐resident environment.
◦ However Santa Monica Place presents an impactful brand exposure.