Fiat at Irvine Spectrum
An automotive retail development company.
Convergent Alliance, Automotive retail development company, dealership remodel, dealership assembly, dealership profits, dealership software, automotive industry, dealership construction
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Fiat at Irvine Spectrum


Mobile Dealerships

About This Project

Fiat Mobile Dealerships

Activation date:

April 11, 2012 to June 30, 2012

◦ Mall display duration:  3 months
◦ Status:  Completed
◦ Total estimated visitors:   25,000
◦ Total qualified leads:  395
◦ Total test drive participants:  87
◦ Total confirmed sold units from Mall Display:  11
◦ Total estimated sold units:  42


Activation Feedback:

◦ Irvine Spectrum was an outdoors common area show supported by two kiosk setups.
◦ Demographics were primarily Caucasian Asian and middle eastern, middle to the high-income range, and most professionals.
◦ Located in front of the Ferris Wheel, the show attracted large crowds, particularly on the weekends.
◦ Common area display made it difficult to attend to visitors and to differentiate interested prospects from simply spectators and curiosity participants.
◦ Lead quality proved to be relatively poor due to the difficult qualifying environment.
◦ However, Irvine Spectrum presented an impactful brand exposure.