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An automotive retail development company.
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Products & Services






Superior to conventional brokerage

Maximizes return both for the seller or the buyer

Focused on building value for the seller by efficient asset evaluation

Identify overstated values for the buyer for equitable price negotiations

Utilizing 40 years of executive retail experience for the best transaction price

Franchise approval process

Personal attendance to escrow close

While it is a common practice to appraise car dealerships based on their annual income stated in their financial information, verifying the actual earnings is a different process.


Credible due diligence is an intense process through which we verify the accuracy of the stated income and expenses and the assets and liabilities that reside in the balance sheet. We identify exactly what the real profitability is.

Loan research, resources and approvals

License and permits processing

All other necessary executions

Business plan and proforma balance sheet


Our client base average ROS: 3.4% NADA national average: 2.2%

We provide unmatched and accurate composite data

We customize our composites to each client

Our diagnostic tool provides suggestions for solutions

We identify root causes of deficiencies and shortcomings

Our proprietary process “Paint by Numbers” compares relevant data

Retailers have various different ways of recording data regardless of what their accounting manual suggests. As long as there are accrual accounts, retailer-created reserves, and other creative offset accounts and the way they are recorded. It makes it impossible to compare to relevant data. Our proprietary system identifies each client’s specific recording practices and normalizes the data to match our reporting system.


Now you have credible information to speak of to compare relevant data.


Why change does not stick?

Wasting time and money with conventional training

Focusing on and understanding employees

Building your business as a brand

Making lifetime employees and customers

I invite you to contact us for a free consultation to assess the cultural attributes of your organization and map out a curriculum specifically customized to transform your company.

If you want your employees to be dedicated to your customers, you must do the same for them, your people. I look forward to hearing from you.

Do you struggle with sustaining change in your business? Ask yourself this question; “What does your organization’s environmental self-image look like?”

As it impacts individual lives, “self-image” or “self-concept” also affects the growth of businesses.


Sustainable change can only be achieved when self-concept embedded in our subconscious supports our aspiration to change. Human beings and organizations behave in accordance with the truth as they believe it.


However, all of that recorded information, experiences, references and upbringing may or may not reflect the real truth about the individual or the organization. if it is distorted with misinformation, human beings will always correct the behavior to that of belief level and change or growth cannot be achieved.

A study done at Harvard University suggests that “constructive cultures” grow 5 times more than “defensive cultures” in revenue and 500 times more in net profits over a period of 10 years.


For decades in automobile business the focus has been on producing massive amounts of metal and incentivizing the sales force for their performance of moving the metal with very little emphasis on the end user, the consumer.


As we approach an era where the eco system of mobility and transportation will transform beyond comprehension in the next decade, the focus will now inevitably shift from metal to people. For those auto retailers who want to secure their future in this transition, they must begin immediately taking steps to change their organizational self image and transform their culture to completely focus on customized customer service.


Organizational Culture for Auto Retailers

Effective Compensation Plans

Power of Human Influence (The Pygmalion Effect)

Hiring and Retaining Millennials

Negotiation Techniques

Power of Your Balance Sheet and Maximizing ROS

Fixed Operation Efficiencies

All the time and money wasted in various types of training have not paid any dividends to any retailer in the long run. Training allows people to learn utilities, developing people on the other hand requires selfless nurturing.



Our workshops are designed to teach methods and not utilities. Therefore it focuses on developing people rather than process. We believe that businesses succeed when people behave autonomously.