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Well prepared and a little luck…

Years ago, my late boss and mentor Vasek Polak who was a world renowned and legendary race car team owner told me something that is uncommon to hear from very successful people. He said:

“Arlan, in order to win races and championships, there is no question that you must be well prepared, have the best machine and top level guts and experience. But you also need a little bit of luck, without it no matter how good you are you can’t win”.

In car business there are many success stories and wealth in some cases attained by some individuals who built their fortunes from ground zero. Some of these people worked hard and came through the ranks, at times fell on their faces a few times but kept their eyes on the ball and then one day, they also got lucky and either ran into the right guy or were at the right place at the right time. But the way each of them proceeds with their lives once they have achieved success is what separates misery from happiness. Some will always remember the things that they disliked immensely when they worked under the others rule and that they would never treat their employees and customers that way if they ever walked in their shoes one day. Those people are always at peace with themselves and others and they treat people with respect and deep consideration no matter what social position they hold. Some others though become exactly the boss they used to hate and develop amnesia.


Particularly, those who come into wealth on their own and have had dramatically difficult economic upbringing, struggle with what we call “Cognitive Dissonance”. While they always have had the drive, the insatiable appetite to become wealthy and successful, in their mind they have never gotten rich or successful no matter how much money they made or what possessions they had. Cognitive Dissonance is the feeling of uncomfortable tension which comes from holding two conflicting thoughts in the mind at the same time. Simply put it is the conflict between your heart and your mind. If your self-worth does not support the bank account that you have, you become miserable and also make everyone around you feel the same way while you pretend to live a happy life on the face of it.

As a consultant, I have clients from all walks of fame; those who run a harmonious business with loyal employees and customers, with the least amount of disruptive behavior and tension in their lives. They are happy people who also make people around them feel the same way and therefore are surrounded by great quality all the time. While others spend their productive time putting out fires, firing and rehiring employees, dealing with law suits and unhappy customers and live their lives in conflict and a state of misery.

Our forethought and self talk are the two very powerful mechanisms that we are all equipped with. If you are a leader who deals with this type of conflict, your priority is to harness your mind and improve those thoughts that create the dissonance. It has been scientifically proven that our subconscious minds are reprogrammable. Life is too short to live in disharmony. See you next month.

Take care….