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They say that the truth will set you free. Human beings behave in accordance with the truth as they believe it, said Lou Tice of Pacific Institute. The problem is, your truth may not be the reality and it may be distorted. Sometimes lack of truth will unleash your potential and expand your horizon instead of limiting it. Cliff Young, the 61 year old potato farmer in Australia, ran the 544 mile Melbourne Sidney marathon in 1981 among world class athletes. Everyone thought it was a joke. But Cliff shocked the world by winning the marathon in 5 days and 15 hours and beating the last record by 2 hours. What Cliff did not know was that all the athletes were running 18 hours and resting for 6. He just kept running until he got tired and slept for a bit and continued running. If he knew what everyone else did, it would probably prevent him from winning the race.

Our cliché beliefs in business may very well be what is holding us back. How is all that training working for you? Do you find yourself spending time and money paying gurus to teach your employees how to perform better? Particularly in automotive retail industry most change as it relates to process or strategy is not sustainable. People go right back to where they were before.


We have stated in our previous communications that retail business as we know it today is about to become extinct. In the next ten years transportation concept will transform the retail industry to something entirely different. The question is who is ready? Only a hand full of retailers in existence today will make the transition. The determining factor will be the ability to transform and sustain change. Organizations, as individuals also have a self-image that is created by the collective beliefs of its members. If those beliefs are not supportive of the change that you are trying to make, people will go right back to their old belief level and the effort will fail.


The signs of change now are eminent; Cadillac just announced a pilot subscription program somewhat similar in concept to that of Hyundai, which will be launched in a few months; all achieve the same results. Simplicity, clarity, trust and one price. It also takes away majority of the F&I revenue. Mobility, ride share and autonomous driving will further evolve the concept of transportation.


At this juncture the only improvements you need are personal and organizational development of your employees and your business and help the members to reprogram their thinking and get rid of limiting beliefs that prevent you from growth. Car business is notorious with always falling behind the changes in organizational culture and process development.

We are here for you to achieve your goals in this direction. Send me a note or give me a call to discuss the options that you have going forward, whether you want an exit plan or a mobility transformation initiative. Start assembling a strategy.

See you next month.